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MEDIATOR in the early 90's consisted of Lead Vocalist: Kevin Radlein,Drummer: Damion Johnson, Bass Guitarist: Chris Isom,  Guitarist: James Repp, and Guitarist: Dave Carew.  Mediator played many shows in the Central Florida area and had the opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with many people.   

Years later, (2001) Damion Johnson, Kevin Radlein, and James Repp decided to form a new project.  James introduced Bass Player Michael Orrison to Kevin and Damion.  CATHARSIS  was formed.  September 2002 Greg Summers joined the band on Lead Guitar.  Greg However left the band after recording the demo.  Kevin also left the band after it seemed that Catharsis was done.  Kevin joined Thrown.  Chris Isom, the former Bass Player for Mediator,  took over the vocals. 
Catharsis is purification. (cf. Titus 2:14)