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Damion Johnson - Drums

Damion Damion has been playing drums for about 13 years.  He was the drummer for both Mediator and Abolished Death.  Damion has worked with many different styles of music as he did playing drums with Groan, but leans heavily toward grindcore and metal.Damion also plays drums as part of the worship team at East Coast Christian Center.

His drumming influences come from bands such as: Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, Everyday Life, Project 86,Tourniquet, Deliverance.
Damion likes to play groove oriented grindcore and beats that tend toward funk rhythms.

"I want souls to be saved through the ministry of this band."  Although Damion really loves playing music, his focus is on sharing the gospel and being an example of a down to earth disciple of Christ.  He wants to provide an alternative to secular music that is not only wholesome and Biblically based, but that can also speak into the lives of believers and non-believers alike.

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